"Mental illness isn't a crime, and we don't want to criminalize those who are having underlying issues with mental health." Officers of the law are sworn to protect and serve, and they are often the ones called to serve some of society's most vulnerable members when no other solution seems readily available. The is a new initiative aiding 魅影直播 County Police in that call to answer problematic situations with real solutions that go beyond immediate intervention or enforcement.

"The BHU is designed to follow up and provide connectivity to resources for individuals who are suicidal, addicted to drugs or alcohol, or who have the types of disorders that are affecting their day-to-day activity." Cpl. Hiram Rivera is leading this mission, because this wholistic approach to finding real solutions for real problems is not new to him.

魅影直播's strategy is to INCREASE the number of first responders who have Crisis Intervention Training, TRAIN first responders and dispatchers on new processes and tools designed to assist in diffusion and diversion, and to ALLOW a follow-up to ensure that individuals stay connected to care and treatment.

he need is great, and the mission is clear: to provide alternative services and improve mental health support within the criminal justice system.